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What I want in a Conservative

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969

I want my conservatives to be buttoned up in clean, simple suits. I want them to be stoic, austere, self-assured, calm. Joe Six Pack needs someone to look up to, someone to respect. The GOP has spent all of its energy lately trying dress itself down, to its detriment.

People don’t want Bubba. Even G.W. does his pandering by example, owning a ranch, etc. But every day he wears a suit and tie and makes no apologies for it. The man, goofy as he is, is strictly business, even while torturing the English language.

I disagree with the man’s policies on almost everything, but over the years I’ve learned to respect the man, begrudgingly.

What the GOP has become is just one big BBQ or hoe-down, for the rural folks, but 50% of Americans live in cities, and you can’t run the nations’ government only on the concerns of the rural population. People in cities count, they drive huge swaths of the economy, they matter, they vote.

Joe Six Pack is a nice guy, but he isn’t the only American.

Which brings me to this article in the Wall St. Journal entitled “Obama’s 95% Illusion” which sets out to debunk Obama’s claims that he is providing middle class tax cuts.

Here’s the article.

The irony of how well this article is written made me laugh out loud.

The irony is that the GOP has spent so much time telling Joe Six Pack that anything from East Coast City Slickers is a lie, and that all they need are small-town country songs with single syllable words, etc.

So now the GOP leadership cannot point to the one article that every conservative should read, because it’s written in the “Mainstream Media.”

The Wall St. Journal is part of  “The Elite.”

And we all know that Joe Six Pack can’t trust them fat cats on Wall St. much less the media that writes about them.

The bottom line is the GOP has really let itself go.

It’s a shame too, because i think core conservative ideals about cutting taxes, reducing spending, offering people opportunities not hand-out, etc., etc. are noble in their simplicity.

I really miss the days when the GOP presented themselves as the stoic, wiser counterparts to the foolishness that Liberalism can really be.

Oh well, my favorite flavor Conservatives may never return, but I wish they would and clean up their house — it looks like a trailer park at this point.

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